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Thinkbox and the IPA have published numerous studies proving why TV should be in any aspiring or established brand's marketing mix, with some compelling results.



Driving Results with DRTV Media

Whatever your business goals and KPIs, Direct Response TV advertising is likely to outperform your other media in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. This is particularly apparent in the short-term return on investment but DRTV also brings the longer term, benefits of brand building using the UK's most trusted media (Source: Thinkbox: Unrivalled Trust)

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Focussed on meeting your desired outcomes in the short-term, to then be augmented by longterm benefits, DRTV really delivers, and SmartResponse’s in-depth knowledge of this specialist responsive TV media is unrivalled. Our founders have been responsible for over £250 million of DRTV airtime media buying and planning over the last 20 years in the UK and Ireland. We specialise in buying responsive linear TV media as well as teleshopping airtime to maximise Return on Investment for our clients.


In our experience, driving Direct Response using TV advertising is a specialist marketing activity and requires an absolute focus on four concurrent key elements working together: DRTV CREATIVE designed to sell, cost-effective DRTV MEDIA planning and buying, robust ongoing ANALYTICS and continued in-campaign OPTIMISATION to refine and continually improve response.

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DRTV Media Planning & Buying

SmartResponse Media buy Direct Response TV (DRTV) airtime in all durations, from 10 second spots all the way up to 30-minute infomercials.  Based on your target audience, we will advise you on the best TV channels for your initial tests to drive maximum response and to maximise your Return on Investment.

DRTV advertising inventory can be bought on the majority of mainstream stations during the daytime hours between 9.00am and 6.00pm. These stations are examples of some of the channels which carry DRTV inventory throughout the daytime, not just at specific times of day, and can be optimised according to Day of Week and Daypart.

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We would recommend taking a look at the Thinkbox Media Mix navigator - built using independent research to help companies explore the optimum media mix for their objectives, media spend and business profile

DRTV Analysis

Analysis of DRTV campaigns

The SmartResponse team all have one thing in common: we really care about the results we deliver for our clients.


Coming from the client side ourselves, we have a unique obsession with analysing results and we plan every campaign with maximum response in mind.

The really great thing about DRTV with SmartResponse: uplift is measurable and immediate.

Transparent analytics and precision attribution are absolutely key to the success of any ongoing DRTV campaign. Your agreed campaign KPI results will be reported on at agreed intervals (often daily or weekly).


Our analytics tool, SmartView, allows our clients to dynamically track their progress and allows us make media and creative optimisations to improve ROI.

SmartView uses consumer cookies to trace customer journeys and map them to the media schedule – this is a free of charge service to all clients spending over £25,000 per calendar month on media.

TV Campaign Optimisation

day part performance graph showing the cost per session by day part and the total sessions by day part

DRTV campaigns should deliver results that make them an essential part of your company's media mix, on an ongoing basis. There is little point in analysing response if nothing is then done to act on the results. Ramp up what is working and scale down what isn't. This is a test and achieve business model and optimisation is absolutely key to success.  

The reason we analyse and report on results is to inform next steps, we work in a very consultative way with all our clients to implement improvements. We are nimble and make changes quickly and efficiently in order to maximise campaign response on an ongoing basis.


We will review creative length and messaging impact, TV channels that are performing the most effectively across different performance metrics, day of week, daypart and the time of month.

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