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There is an ongoing debate on whether marketers are increasingly spending too much of their advertising budget on Performance marketing and not enough on Brand. The argument being that focussing on the short-term will be at the detriment of longer-term building of brand equity.

Some say that while Performance media delivers immediate measurable results, it is very difficult to use it to drive that all-important brand awareness, affinity and trust.

Direct Response TV (DRTV) doesn't fit neatly into either of these terminologies. Despite driving both immediate measurable returns and brand effects, it is all too often a missed opportunity.

· DRTV is mass market, can deliver brand messages, emotional response, awareness, differentiation and trust; and ultimately long-term brand growth…but it isn’t categorised as Brand advertising.

· DRTV delivers immediate, measurable and often huge impacts on search volume, site visits, retail sales (both online and offline) and that all important pound for pound return on investment…but it isn’t Performance marketing per se either.

So, is DRTV a hybrid then? Do we even care? I suppose what really matters is, for those who can put the historical connotations to one side and are ready to dip their toe in the DRTV waters, DRTV really does deliver.

In an era where every penny needs to count, this lesser used form of TV advertising is a media that can be used to satisfy both short and long-term business goals.

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