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SmartResponse are a unique full service DRTV and TV Shopping agency offering DRTV creative and media, DR Social media and TV shopping campaigns.
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Creative & Production

DRTV and TV Shopping Production and Creative

SmartResponse are industry experts in DRTV production and have produced over 1,300 DRTV adverts and infomercials over the last 20 years.

SmartResponse formulate ‘Script to Screen’ creative solutions for our clients. We build campaigns from concept to screen, including regulatory clearance, and we produce all DRTV and TV shopping material ‘in-house’, to the highest standards, working to your budget.

We work with a variety of clients across multiple industries and can therefore cater to bespoke company needs. It is a common misconception that DRTV is not for premium brands; DRTV can be effective for companies in all sectors targeting a range of audiences.

We can rework existing footage for a cost-effective solution, or shoot high quality bespoke footage for a new campaign. We offer Production, Post Production, Regulatory Clearance and Delivery of Advert Copy all ‘under one roof’.


SmartResponse offer our clients full storyboards in advance of their shoots so they know what to expect. We direct and produce bespoke content for our clients in-house, and use the most up to date cameras and experienced crew all tailored for your requirements with every aspect managed by SmartResponse.


Our in-house editors work closely with clients and with a variety of footage. We can work with new footage shot as part of our ‘script to screen offering’ or re-work your existing footage/adverts and update them adding new voice overs, graphic elements and CGI, as well as regulatory clearance for broadcast and mastering the adverts to broadcast specifications. We can also convert footage to and from PAL as well as distribute content overseas.

Clearcast Regulatory Approval

In the UK all TV advertising must be approved to air by the appointed regulatory body, Clearcast. Without Clearcast approval, content cannot be broadcast on mainstream TV.

We include the full approval process in all of our creative production.

SmartResponse also offer consultancy on getting existing advert copy approved by Clearcast. We have over 20 years experience dealing with Clearcast and can help manage and guide you through this process.

Station Copy Delivery

SmartResponse can send your advert copy to all the stations on your media plan, on your behalf. We are happy to do this either as part of our full service, or as a separate service if you already have approved content & clocked adverts. We send your adverts on your behalf, to any UK station you require.

Types of direct response creative

In the UK there are two overriding DRTV creative formats, as follows:

  1. Longform – Longform DRTV is usually one 30 minute or 12 minute advert, also known as an infomercial.

This type of creative is excellent if you have a product which needs explanation and demonstration. It usually contains testimonials who explain the product from a consumer use perspective.

SmartResponse have also developed an ‘As Live’ style creative format which allows our clients to feature up to six products in one half hour infomercial. Please contact us to find out more.

Longform media is low cost, because there are not many companies who have invested in this type of creative. Those who do generally reap the rewards from the same creative month in month out, for long-term profitable campaigns which span over years.

Every mainstream channel in the UK is entitled to carry 3 hours per day of ‘longform teleshopping’ airtime. Airtime is also sold on the specific TV shopping channels carried mainly on the Sky platform.

  1. Shortform – Shortform DRTV is usually one 3 minute or 4 minute advert, but this term can also be applied to shorter adverts.

Shortform creative allows brands to showcase a full set of features and benefits for their product. We often advise on including consumer testimonials in a 3 minute creative as ‘people buy from people’.

Shortform creative can be designed to be modular, and therefore cost effectively updated as required with new products and/or seasonal offers/messaging.

Combining 3 minute shortform with 30 second ‘cut-down’ creative can be a hugely compelling format to drive consumers to respond online, on the phone or in store.

Shortform creative runs on mainstream TV channels to achieve campaign reach at a fraction of the cost of linear airtime. It also runs in the daytime, when TV is being watched rather than recorded – so adverts are generally not ‘skipped’.

Smart Response are also very experienced in producing 30 second creative for our clients to run on linear airtime, which can be very efficient to drive retail sales, particularly when it is run in tandem with three minute advertising to drive additional reach.