Media Planning & Buying |
SmartResponse are a unique full service DRTV and TV Shopping agency offering DRTV creative and media, DR Social media and TV shopping campaigns.
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Media Planning & Buying

The Founders of SmartResponse have been responsible for over £250 million of DRTV airtime media buying and planning over the last 20 years in the UK and Ireland.

We specialise in buying long and short form responsive DRTV media and ‘teleshopping window’ airtime to maximise Return on Investment for our SmartResponse clients.

SmartResponse’s in-depth knowledge of specialist DRTV and TV shopping media buying and planning is unrivalled and enables us to ensure we maximise Return on Investment for all our clients’ broadcast campaigns.

DRTV Media Buying

We buy DRTV airtime in any duration length available, from 30 second spots all the way up to 30 minute infomercials, and can advise you on TV channels depending on your audience demographic, to maximise your Return on Investment.

For every pound spent on DRTV airtime our campaign aim is to generate three pounds back in revenue, so our clients can make DRTV a profitable, scalable and long-term part of their marketing strategy.

DRTV inventory can be bought on a number of highly rated stations during the daytime hours between 9.00am and 6.00pm. The above stations are examples of some of the channels which carry DRTV inventory throughout the daytime, not just at specific times of day, and can be optimised according to Day of Week and Daypart.

SmartResponse’s in-depth knowledge of specialist DRTV and TV shopping media buying and planning is unrivalled and enables us to ensure we make our clients’ media budgets work as hard as they can for all broadcast campaigns.

SmartView Analytics and Optimisation

At SmartResponse we all have one thing in common: we care about your results. We are obsessed with our clients’ success.

Transparent analytics and precision attribution are absolutely key to the success of any ongoing DRTV campaign. Our analytics tool, SmartView, allows our clients to dynamically track their progress and allows us make ‘in-campaign’ media optimisations to improve ROI.

SmartView is a free of charge service to all clients spending over £25,000 per calendar month on media, and uses consumer cookies to trace customer journeys.

We’re able to optimise campaigns based on their performance by Creative, Day of Week and Daypart using data from your website and your call centre. Weekly SmartView reports and media recommendations are circulated by your specialist Account Manager and optimistaion can be implemented ‘in-campaign’ to ensure all DRTV media tests work to the best of their ability.

As our client you will receive weekly SmartView reports. This example ‘Day of Week’ analysis shows the total number of web visits to a given landing page and how cost-effective the traffic was in relation to the cost of media.